Being a good leader isn’t a DIFFERENT you...

I might not know you, but I bet you’re already a better leader than you think you are.

Think of what you love being outside of work: musician, parent, artist, sibling, fisherman, volunteer, spouse, gardener, best friend, marathon runner…

How do people describe you when you’re in that role? Passionate? Driven? A good listener? Thoughtful? Pragmatic? Funny? Creative? Patient? Dynamic? Detail-oriented? Committed? Energetic?

Being a good leader isn’t a DIFFERENT you, it’s the SAME you. It’s the same you who is admired and respected and sought-after and well-loved in those other parts of your life. It’s painful for leaders who try to use prescribed techniques to lead, ones that aren’t comfortable for them. They think “I’ve been taught that leaders do x, so even though I hate doing x, I will do it” – and it isn’t authentic, and their employees feel that.

Instead of stepping through your office door today and adopting that separate version of you called The Leader, instead picture yourself as the mother, brother, teammate, organization member, athlete, volunteer or friend that you are, and bring THAT to your leadership role. Just bring YOU to the role and it will work every time. That’s authentic leadership. See? You’ve already got this!

-Lainie Mabbitt, VP People Excellence
[email protected]