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LSSE (Lean Six Sigma Experts) is a full-service management consulting firm that specializes in End to End Operational & Business Transformation. We offer comprehensive Training, Consulting, Recruiting and Software solutions for Lean Six Sigma, People Excellence and Data Science. What makes LSSE unique is that we support you every step of the way in your journey towards Excellence. We offer the following services, Training to develop internal talent to carry out continuous improvement strategies; Consulting to develop and implement Business/Operational excellence strategies; Recruiting experienced and educated staff for your organization; and Software solutions to enhance and sustain process improvements. Our full-circle approach ensures that all of your Continuous Improvement efforts result in a company culture evolution.

Process Excellence & Lean Six Sigma

Our Process Excellence Service focuses on helping organizations to achieve Process, Business, Operational Excellence by using Lean Six Sigma and other process-oriented improvement methodologies. Our services include Lean Six Sigma Strategy Development, Program Design and Deployment, Customized Onsite Lean Six Sigma Training, Key Projects Execution, Kaizen Events Execution, Process Maturity Assessments, Lean Assessments, Lean Six Sigma Projects Mentoring, Public Lean Six Sigma training classes.

Recruiting Services 

As part of our End to End support for driving Operational and Business Transformation, we offer specialized Talent Recruiting services for Lean Six Sigma and Data Science. We offer Contingency and Retained searches for Lean Six Sigma, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We also offer contract employees and contract-to-hire placements. 

LSSE consultants are well recognized for their abilities in the industry and hold highest level certifications in their field with extensive (15 years minimum) experience in consulting across a wide array of industrial and transnational applications. They will work directly with you and your organization to design a tailored solution that best fits your organizational needs and will give you a competitive advantage.

Why Choose LSSE (Lean Six Sigma Experts)?

Comprehensive "End to End" Support For Process Excellence/Lean Six Sigma, People Excellence and Data Science Deployment

LSSE is the only company that offers all services (Training, Consulting, Recruiting and Software) related to Lean Six Sigma, Data Science and People Excellence. Everything your organization needs, all from one company.

Customized Approach to Suit Your Unique Business and An Approach Aligned with your Strategic Objectives 

Our Consultants will work with your team to tailor training material and an implementation approach to match your company’s needs. Our approach will be aligned to your company's strategic objectives so that your company can reach your objectives efficiently. 

Continuous Support to Ensure Success

Our Consultants will provide coaching/mentoring throughout the duration of your Engagement even when they are not onsite without additional expenses. 

Customer Testimonial

The continuous comprehensive we support provided, engages 90% of our customers into doing repeat business with us. You can check out our testimonials page to learn more about our customer's experience with LSSE-Lean Six Sigma Experts. 

Unconditional Guarantee

If we do not meet your expectations, you will not be charged for that service, 100% guaranteed.

If you are looking to engage our services for the first time, feel free to contact us for a free onsite assessment.

We are confident that our innovative solutions will achieve the maximum value for your continuous improvement needs. 

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