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At LSSE-Lean Six Sigma Experts, we know that the biggest challenge while developing a custom software application for continuous improvement activity is that of being able to capture all the improvement areas and application features in the first round. Repetitive enhancements and changes to the software not only results in wastes of efforts, but also impact the overall turnaround time of the project. 

Efficient, relevant, user-friendly software is vital to any modern business. Unfortunately, the biggest downfall in choosing to develop custom software is the difficulty of designing a system that captures the correct improvements and applications from the get-go. Continued updates and “bug” fixes are a drain on time for both the developers changing the coding and the employees of the company trying to use the end product.

Lean Six Sigma Experts' software development is made up of leading developers and Lean and Six Sigma experts. The development team is experienced in modern business processes and able to design relevant software that can be implemented in a minimal time frame.


Process and Project Management Software for Lean Six Sigma and General Projects.

To provide some clarification without going into too much detail, process management software is used to map processes and automate workflow processes mainly in the field of Business Process Management (BPM). Process management software is used by managers to design, automate and implement business processes or to re-engineer their existing processes to improve overall efficiency.

Alternatively, project management software is designed to help managers plan and organize projects and control resources. Activities that can be performed using project management software include estimation and planning of resources, scheduling, budget management, quality control, and project documentation. Microsoft Project is an example of a popular and effective project management software.

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