5 Reasons to be Lean Six Sigma Certified

Before discussing why people should be certified, first let’s ask the question why is the Lean and Six Sigma methodology important in the first place?

The methodology is important because it provides knowledge and insight into how to make your company run as smoothly as possible while also bringing in profits. Even a basic understanding of lean principles can change and increase overall value a company provides to their customers.

Now let’s discuss several reasons why it is be beneficial to be Lean Six Sigma Certified:

Career Advancement

The most common reason to have a certification is to advance your career. Having that certification provides validation to employers that you have a specific skill set. Competition for employment can be fierce and by having proof that you have knowledge and can apply lean six sigma can help set you apart.


Better Understanding

There are many people who have the skills and do the job as someone who is certified, but they themselves are not. Formal training and certification gives a better understanding of the topics and how to best apply the methodology. Many may not be familiar with lean or six sigma which can mean that they are not focusing on fixing the right issues because they do not know how to look for them. When teams are trained in lean, they can be more effective by focusing on the best way to better their processes.


Organizational Growth

Applying lean six sigma is a proven way to improve a company. If there is a large majority of people in the company who are trained and understand the methodology, it is easier to drive initiatives and new projects that are designed to improve processes. Team members who are trained have better analytical skills that can help to find causes and analyze them before acting on them. This way you approach problems and fix them more efficiently. Eliminating wastes and promoting innovation of processes continuously, can help to advance an organization and allow it to reach its goals.


Improved Company Culture

Lean Six Sigma is a proven methodology, yes, but it is also a culture. When this culture is implemented into a company, everyone, even if they are not all certified in lean or six sigma, can adapt to change and help in the advancement of the company. Having an enhancement and improvement culture is what will really benefit a company. Of course, culture starts from the top. Leaders within a company need to adopt a continuous improvement culture in order to promote it throughout the company. By having employees who are certified and truly understand how the principles and methods can be utilized, a continuous improvement culture will be better adopted and help increase change and innovation.



Although there is no official organization that manages Lean Six Sigma certification process, the actual certification and training themselves help to provide a standard language for improvement and process management. Those who are familiar and trained in lean and six sigma speak a similar language and better understand what steps need to be taken in order to fix a process and eliminate wastes.


There are several ways to become certified. For organizations, check out options to train your employees by on-site or blended program. For individuals looking to advance their skills and career, check out great online programs as well as public training courses. Get your competitive advantage.