Without Additional Capital Investment, LSSE Helped Increase Manufacturing Throughput by 57%.

Business Challenge: 

Our client is a fast-growing contract manufacturer, which produces highly technical, precise, and unique products. During the transition to a new ownership, the client was facing a few challenges, such as on-time delivery, inefficient production lines, batch production, increased customer demand, and production capacity limitations throughout the plant. To improve the client’s reputation with long-standing customers, the client needed to shorten their delivery time and decrease lead time. Due to their large batch size and unbalanced production lines, the client was struggling to reduce lead time and improve weekly outputs. How did Lean Six Sigma Experts help transform the client’s operations without additional capital investment in the project?

How LSSE Helped: 

LSSE was brought in to conduct an assessment. With the executive team’s expectations, LSSE recommended a customized Lean transformation approach for resolving their issues as quick as possible. We utilized Continuous Flow Manufacturing methodology, along with other tools: value stream mapping, setup reduction, standard work, and 5S, and LSSE helped the client achieve their goals. The goals included reduced lead time, optimized inventory levels, and improved production process flow throughout the plant without additional capital investments. Simultaneously the project introduced the concept of Lean Manufacturing to all the client’s employees, establishing a culture of continuous improvement and furthering employee engagement. LSSE also used a proprietary Lean approach to achieve the results shown as previous page. LSSE always customizes our Lean transformation approach to suit our clients needs.

Case Study File: 
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