Utilizing a Customized Lean Transformation Approach, LSSE Helped Improve Productivity by 60%.

Business Challenge: 

One of our fast-growing clients in the aluminum and steel manufacturing industry had some challenges with increased demand from its customers, on-time delivery, and quality issues. They also experienced surplus Work In Process Inventory (WIP) and excess transportation in material handling between operations. The company had several types of manufacturing waste, and the product line required an excessive number production associates. With the determination to eliminate that waste, LSSE worked together with the client’s stakeholder team, to achieve the overall goals as shown in the previous page. How did Lean Six Sigma Experts help resolve the client’s challenges?

How LSSE Helped: 

With an initial assessment at Client’s site, LSSE recommended a customized Lean transformation approach to resolve the challenges as quick as possible. We utilized this approach, along with tools: value stream mapping, setup reduction, standard work, and 5S, and LSSE helped the client achieve their goals. The initial goals were increasing productivity by 25% and reducing WIP by 50%. As a result of having stakeholders involved and following LSSE’s customized Lean transformation approach, we ended up with increased productivity by 60%, decreased WIP by 99%, reduced lead time by 75%, minimized transportation between Operations by 57%, along with other unexpected improvements, such as safety and ergonomics of production associates. LSSE also used a proprietary Lean approach to achieve the results as shown in the previous page. LSSE always customizes our Lean transformation approach to suit our client’s needs.

Case Study File: 
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