Lean Six Sigma Public Training Classes

At LSSE - Lean Six Sigma Experts, we understand training is the backbone of any Continuous Improvement environment so we offer a full range of training courses to fit your individual needs. We are constantly applying and refining the latest training techniques and methods to ensure relevancy in the rapidly changing face of business, and ensuring that you will have the best skills in your industry. Our training courses provide simulations for learning and the Green and Black Belt certifications require completion of a project(s). Most of our training class attendees want to learn the tools and principles, but don’t always have the option to do the project right away. Or they are in between jobs and would like to improve their marketability. This is why we offer the Fast Track courses that provide options to obtain respective certification following the completion of the project.

LSSE - Lean Six Sigma Experts offer traditional training programs or a “Fast Track” approach that is a streamlined agenda to meet the requirements of the attendees. By obtaining a Lean Six Sigma certification from LSSE, you will be recognized as an authority in the Lean Six Sigma field. There are several Lean Six Sigma certifications available through our training courses, like the Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt certifications. The appropriate lean six sigma certificate for you depends on your career progression and which level of management you are at. Here’s a brief overview of some of the lean and six sigma training courses Lean Six Sigma Experts offers as well as six sigma certification levels:

-Lean Manufacturing Courses offer insight to the principles, practices, and applications of Lean Manufacturing. Lean Six Sigma Experts provides on-site and online training in Lean Process Improvements. Our Lean Manufacturing courses include the Lean Essentials course, the Lean Quick Start course, and specialized Lean Essentials and Lean Quick Start courses tailored to the healthcare industry.

-A Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification gives you advanced knowledge of all five phases of a Lean Six Sigma project (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control). Green Belts work part-time on Lean Six Sigma projects, and can be involved in any stage of the project. At Lean Six Sigma Experts, we offer two types of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification: the traditional certification and the fast-track certification, for those who do not have a project.

-A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is appropriate for Green Belts who have several years of Lean Six Sigma project experience. Black Belts look at the DMAIC steps in more detail and analysis. After completing their certifications, Black Belts then work full-time leading Lean Six Sigma projects. Visit our Training page to sign up for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification training.

-A Master Black Belt Certification confirms that you are a Lean Six Sigma expert. A Master Black Belt deploys the Lean Six Sigma strategy within one department in an organization, mentors Black belts and Green Belts, and helps develop the Lean Six Sigma training curriculum. You qualify for a Master Black Belt certification only after having significant project experience as a Black Belt.

-The tools and techniques of Lean have been used to bring process improvements to the healthcare industry, resulting in decreased waiting times and more efficient patient care. A Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Certification covers the application of many Lean principles to healthcare, including the eight wastes, 5S, value stream mapping, standard work, and more. Familiarize yourself with Lean healthcare certification by enrolling in our Lean Essentials for Healthcare course or the Lean Quick Start for Healthcare course offered as e-learning classes.