LSSE Helped a Non-Profit Organization Increase Productivity of Its Recruiting Process By 81%

Business Challenge: 

One of the challenges our client, a non-profit organization, encountered with was losing high-potential candidates during the hiring process. By offering attractive employee benefit package, the organization has numerous potential candidates applying for a position and would have filled it quickly. Unfortunately, due to the lengthy of the hiring process with unnecessary processes and several stakeholders involved, it took up to 142 days (almost 5 months) to fill a position.

How LSSE Helped: 

LSSE was selected and brought in to conduct an assessment plan with the executive team. With clear communication and expectations, LSSE provided the Lean training to start building the foundation of Lean thinking with the team. LSSE utilized the Lean transformation approach to analyze and improve end to end recruiting processes with a different group of stakeholders. Based upon the nature of business, LSSE used proprietary Lean approach to achieve the results shown as next page. LSSE always customizes our Lean transformation approach that suit our client needs.

Case Study File: 
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