How LSSE Helped a High-Volume Manufacturing Client Reduce Total Setup Time by 59%.

Business Challenge: 

Our client is a fast-growing manufacturing company, with expertise in highly technical, precise, and difficult-to-manufacture extrusions. The client was faced with the challenge of increased demand for a part, while still maintaining their high standards of quality in production. When the client’s customer made a request to deliver the same quantity of these parts every week, the client was unable deliver what the customer needed. Due to its production capacity limit, the client ended up doing partial shipments of 70% of demand to the customer. How did Lean Six Sigma Experts help improve capacity and make the shipment quantity consistent?

How LSSE Helped: 

LSSE has worked with the client since 2011 and has utilized the Lean transformation approach on resolving a number of operational challenges throughout the plant. After conducting an assessment plan with our client’s leadership team, LSSE provided Lean training to establish the foundation of Lean thinking with multiple groups of stakeholders. This project approach LSSE used included setup reduction, standard work, value stream mapping, and 5S tools to engage, identify, and resolve the challenge together as a team, as well as continue to build and embrace a culture of continuous improvement. LSSE always customizes our Lean transformation approach to suit our client’s needs.

Case Study File: 
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