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Continuous Improvement in the ITIL, SCOR, CMMI, PMBOK, ISO and SCOR World

This whitepaper will take you through all of these frameworks and guides for continuous improvement. You will learn more comprehensively about: Six Sigma and Lean in ITIL, Six Sigma and Lean in SCOR, Six Sigma and Lean in CMMI, Six Sigma and Lean in PMBOK, and Six Sigma and Lean in ISO.

Choosing the Right Continuous Improvement Method

Many continuous improvement efforts have failed because of a one-size fits all approach. The continuous improvement methodology needs to fit in with the overall goals of the business as well as the specific project goals. One methodology may work while the other would not make sense.

Hire Consultants or Build Lean Six Sigma Talent Internally?

Is a company more successful in deploying the Six Sigma program if they focus on building the capacity in-house or by hiring external Master Black Belts or Black Belts?

How Relevant Are Lean and Six Sigma Today?

Are Six Sigma and Lean still relevant today and will it be in the future? Or is continuous improvement just a fad and does not really help companies improve their operations and processes?

Kaizen Event Process

Kaizen can mean many different things to people. It can mean anything from slow and steady general improvements to rapid and focused events. At Lean Six Sigma Experts we’ve found that the most successful implementation of Kaizen is an intense multi-day event that usually lasts a week.
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