People Excellence


A Framework to Maximize Human Capital & Operational Excellence Results

Excellence = Process x People

Excellence = Process x People. This formula simply means Excellent Results = Process (i.e. establishing the correct technical solution) x People (i.e. how well the solution is presented to and accepted by the people). You can have a technical solution that is 100% correct, but if your people acceptance is 50%, then the net success is only 50%. Driving acceptance must be done by well-trained leaders. Simply put, training your teams on People Excellence will always produce better and sustainable outcomes.

~Jayaprakash(JP) Gnanam, LSSE Founder & President

What is it?

At LSSE, we focus on continuous improvement. This goes hand-in-hand with maximizing your human capital. We are equally passionate about both Process and People. Innovative, forward-thinking companies are serious about the whole package – a full-circle approach of excellence in operations, process and people.

Our approach focuses on improving company performance through improving its human capital. LSSE helps new, emerging, and seasoned leaders in areas such as leadership development, conflict resolution, change management, team dynamics, presentation and communication skills – all the things required to be successful in your Continuous Improvement journey.

Many practitioners in the Process Improvement industry agree that the success of Process and Operational Excellence depends 80% on people and 20% on the technical aspect. Often, companies focus on the technical aspect of training; however, we know from experience that successful technical results are dependent on the often-missed people aspects such as leadership skills, team dynamics and communication. We help companies to overcome those challenges.

Why do you need this?

  • Improve Effectiveness - It is essential for organizations seeking to improve the effectiveness of their Lean implementation. Working at the transformational level, LSSE drives sustainable behavioural change to facilitate long-term success. Through both our public class offerings and specifically-designed trainings for your teams, these courses are a perfect complement to the technical aspect of your organization’s process and operational excellence journeys.


  • Maximize Human Capital - It helps adva nce the company’s significant investment in its technically-trained leaders by ensuring that those leaders are well-versed in the leadership, management and communication skills necessary to recruit, retain, develop and motivate their teams.


  • Increase Employee Engagement - Research shows that an employee’s view of a company has to do primarily with his view of his leader. LSSE believes that today’s workplace requires authentic leaders. When a leader learns the distinct set of competencies we teach, that leader naturally wins the commitment, support and loyalty of the team, which leads to an increase in employee engagement and retention.


  • Prepare the Whole Organization for Change - Many companies’ change initiatives fail. We use a model called Appreciative Inquiry (AI), an internationally recognized process for engaging people in organizational development, to make sure teams can effectively navigate change. This method achieves organizational alignment and effectiveness through asking a series of questions about what is working, rather than focusing on fixing what doesn’t.


  • Maximize Ideas and Improvements from Every Employee - In almost every situation, interpersonal communication skills are the key to getting ideas recognized, accepted and implemented. If your employees don’t feel comfortable expressing themselves, opportunities for improvement will constantly be missed. We teach employees how to get support for their ideas from their colleagues, openly listen to ideas of other employees, and master conflict resolution skills that will influence the way ideas are heard and addressed.

    Balancing Technical and People Aspects

At LSSE, we believe that technical training and human capital training go hand-in-hand. It’s what sets us apart. LSSE knows that all the technical training in the world is ineffective if the trainees don’t know how to communicate with teams, to sell them on their new ideas, to achieve buy-in from their colleagues.

Using the precepts of authentic leadership, appreciative inquiry, MBTI assessments, values-based coaching, and other traditional and non-traditional approaches, LSSE provides your employees a tool box of real-world, directly applicable skills that they can begin using immediately upon their return to the office to further enhance the technical skills they’ve already mastered.

We offer several courses, detailed below. We also develop unique customized courses for your teams and organizations to maximize your improvement initiatives. 

Our Services

Public and Onsite Training Courses

  • Powerful Presentations: Strengthening Interactions With Leaders, Employees and Customers
  • Managing Difficult Conversations: Conflict Resolution in an Atmosphere of Change
  • Authentic Leadership To Sustain a Winning Culture
  • Creating Dynamic Teams To Achieve Cultural Transformation

Custom Consulting Services

  • Company Culture, Vision, Mission, and Values Work
  • Team Dynamics Workshops With Specific Teams
  • Employee Engagement Analysis
  • Program and Training Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Individualized Training Classes
  • Offsite or onsite teambuilding sessions
  • Executive coaching and new leader integration using MBTI model
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