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LSSE - Lean Six Sigma Experts – your Change Agents for excellence!

Lean Six Sigma Experts recognizes that organizations require innovative and practical strategies to achieve business operational excellence. LSSE strives to tailor strategies to each organization to fit their specific needs. 

Our consulting team will serve as your advisors for creating your business strategy; we partner with you in all phases of the process improvement cycle. At LSSE we understand that you know your business best, and we help to create a strategy that will set you apart from competitors and become leaders in your industry. Lean Six Sigma Experts has the following types of consultants available to assist your business:


  • Business Process Consultants will analyze your organization's operations and provide advice on how to make your processes more efficient. Lean Six Sigma Experts’ Business process consultants are hired on a project basis and work in collaboration with your organization’s high-level management, as well as with many other cross-trained employees. 

  • Our Lean Consultants can help your organization save money, become more efficient, and exceed customer expectations. They are specialists in the Lean methodology that will also train your staff in these methods. With relevant management or consulting experience and with an advanced knowledge of Lean and the application of its principles in industry, our successful Lean consultants will significantly aid your organization in eliminating waste and implementing six sigma processes. 

Our customized lean six sigma consulting approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable, competitive and long lasting results. As a Lean Six Sigma consulting firm, we seek to be ‘Agents of Change’—for our clients, our staff, and our society.

LSSE - Lean Six Sigma Experts will help you identify the highest-value opportunities, focus on the most critical challenges and help to transform your business. We are here to help you change your business for the better and achieve operational excellence. 

Free Lean Six Sigma Assessment and Consultation 

We are so confident that our business process consultants, process improvement consultants, Six Sigma consultants, and lean consultants can help your organization, that we offer a free assessment to illustrate how we can assist you as you adopt Lean Six Sigma principles.

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