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At LSSE - Lean Six Sigma Experts, we understand training is the backbone of any Continuous Improvement environment so we offer a full range of training courses to fit your individual needs. We are constantly applying and refining the latest training techniques and methods to ensure relevancy in the rapidly changing face of business, and ensuring that you will have the best skills in your industry.

Lean Six Sigma & People Excellence Training Classes in:

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Lean Six Sigma Public Classes offered:

Our training courses provide simulations for learning and the Green and Black Belt certifications require completion of a project(s). Most of our training class attendees want to learn the tools and principles, but don’t always have the option to do the project right away. Or they are in between jobs and would like to improve their marketability. This is why we offer the Fast Track courses that provide options to obtain respective certification following the completion of the project.


  • Lean Practitioner: This certification class will provide attendees with the best understanding of core Lean principles. The class will utilize several simulations to illustrate and accelerate learning.  Lean Manufacturing training is available for everyone, from beginners to senior-level managers.  

  • Green Belt:   By enrolling in a Six Sigma Green Belt training course or certification, you will expand on the fundamentals of Six Sigma by analyzing each of the five DMAIC steps in more detail than Yellow Belt training. Six Sigma Green Belt training is appropriate for those who have assigned time from their work to work on Six Sigma projects.  


  • Master Black Belt:  Master Black Belt is the highest level of certification in Lean Six Sigma. To enroll in Master Black Belt training, candidates must be a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt or at least completed Black Belt training and completed at least 2 projects using Lean Six Sigma with increasing complexity. LSSE will accept Black Belt training from other reputable organizations.  The Master Black Belt course will mainly focus on providing the soft skills required to be successful as a Master Black Belt. After completion of this course, candidates will be able to identify and implement complex enterprise-wide lean six sigma projects. You will be equipped with tools to address most complex Lean Six Sigma projects.



People Excellence Public Classes offered:

Our approach focuses on improving company performance through improving its human capital. Many practitioners in the Process Improvement industry agree that the success of Process and Operational Excellence depends 80% on people and 20% on the technical aspect. Often, companies focus on the technical aspect of training; however, we know from experience that successful technical results are dependent on the often-missed people aspects such as leadership skills, team dynamics and communication. We help companies to overcome those challenges.  


  • Powerful Presentations: In almost every situation, formal or informal, presentation skills are the key to getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented. Although you may be full of facts that point audiences to an obvious conclusion, you can completely derail your intended outcome with a weak presentation or unrefined communication skills. But excellent presentation skills aren’t about a prescribed set of generic tools – and that is where this class is different. Although you might not realize it, you already have a style that works for you – you just have to uncover it. We’ll give you real-world tools to use during presentations that help you build upon your unique strengths and specific style.


  • Managing Difficult Conversations:  The inability to navigate a sensitive workplace conversation can easily unhinge a burgeoning career. You can’t prevent a tough situation from happening, and you can’t change how others act during it. But how do you handle it? Managing conflict according to a prescribed set of “rules” you’ve been given before may feel false. This course takes a look at what you’re already good at – we’ll teach you how to discover and leverage your personal style to handle conflict with candor and grace.


  • Authentic Leadership:  A Gallup poll revealed that only 1 out of 10 people is a natural leader. This is a course for the other 90%. You may not feel like a “natural leader,” but you have been given a leadership role for a reason, and that is because of the natural abilities you possess as a person, as an employee. This course isn’t the typical list of generic “supervisory skills.” It is instead a guide to uncovering the innate and unique strengths you possess that can be applied to your leadership role to make you a success. Whether you’re new at the role or are an experienced leader who wants to become more effective, this course will uncover the unique capabilities you can use to win the commitment, support and loyalty of your team, which leads to a related increase in productivity and employee retention.


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