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Continuous Improvement Strategy What is Six Sigma? Six Sigma is a methodology for reducing variation in a given process. It helps improve process capability and greatly reduces the potential for possible defects. In essence Six Sigma is an approach to improve processes and reduce variation, so that customers get near perfect products or services...
Continuous Improvement Strategy What is Lean? Lean Methodology focuses on empowering team members to simplify processes and identify non-value added process steps. These steps are then either eliminated or reduced to improve overall lead time. The focus with Lean is to eliminate waste from the processes. There are 8 commonly accepted forms of...
Our LSSE Senior Consultant and Strategic Advisor, Jerry Rosenthal, was just published in LegalTrek’s "Between Mediocrity & Success: A Lawyer's Guide". Jerry has been a part of Lean Six Sigma Experts for over a year and his industry experience has been an invaluable contribution to the company. Learn...


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