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Poor Change Management: We have looked at the importance of change management to successful continuous improvement programs in previous posts. Any successful continuous improvement initiative needs significant change management. The reason Lean was so successful at Toyota was because of the commitment of the executive leadership to implement a...
Before discussing why people should be certified, first let’s ask the question why is the Lean and Six Sigma methodology important in the first place? The methodology is important because it provides knowledge and insight into how to make your company run as smoothly as possible while also bringing in profits. Even a basic understanding of lean...
Numerous business leaders have spoken up against using Six Sigma in innovation. This is a classic case of one size does not fit all. Six Sigma should be used where the process is structured and the company is trying to make the process more efficient and effective. Unfortunately, creativity and innovation does not follow a set or defined process...
The Lean and Six Sigma methodologies have been around for a long time, however when most people think about or talk about Lean Six Sigma, they are usually referring to its use in manufacturing. Although manufacturing is the forefront for applying these principles, many overlook the benefits of applying them to other industries and services. Every...
Education has made a major shift into online courses and degree programs over the last few years. Completing training and certifications online for Lean and Six Sigma has never been easier and more convenient.  One major reason online training programs have caught on is because of their ability to allow students to learn on their own time and in...
Most of the Six Sigma or Lean programs that have failed can be attributed to the fact that the company was not ready to implement. Both Six Sigma and Lean requires that the right continuous improvement infrastructure is put in place before the program is launched. Any continuous improvement initiative is going to fail if the company is not...
Leadership Support:  If there is one factor that can make or break a successful continuous improvement program, it is top level leadership support. In an article titled “Lean Manufacturing’s Next Life” that was published in ChiefExecutive.Net, the CEO of a sixty-year-old family owned company, WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE that has significantly...
In any company there are processes that need improvement. Wasteful activities exist everywhere, from the manufacturing floor, to the HR department. In order to improve business processes, companies must identify activities that are non-value add activities, a key lean concept. By identifying these non-value add activities, companies can improve...
Continuous and Process Improvement Strategy Lean Six Sigma is a continuous improvement methodology that focuses on decreasing lead time by reducing waste and variation. The reduction of lead time results in lower operating costs, higher quality, and increased customer satisfaction.  Lean Six Sigma combines Six Sigma methodology and lean...
Continuous Improvement in the ITIL World ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework for Information Technology Service Management or ITSM and IT Operations. The first set of best in class practices and recommendations were put together in the 1980s by the UK Government’s Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency to...


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