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    Picture this. It’s a sunny morning, and you cheerfully walk into your company’s break room to get a cup of coffee. When you enter, you instantly see several employees looking uncomfortable. Although they are very carefully trying not to look at the source of the tension, it’s the only thing happening in the silent room, so your own gaze goes...
  Excellence = Process x People “This change formula simply means that excellent results require establishing the correct process, or technical solution, and equally important is how well the solution is presented to and accepted by the people,” says JP Gnanam, LSSE Founder and President. “You can have a technical solution that is 100% correct,...
Successfully building an internal program requires a department staffed with fulltime, dedicated resources whose primary focus should be in building the continuous improvement program. Almost all the companies that are recognized globally as leaders in continuous improvement have a quality or continuous improvement department that is responsible...
In order for any company to reach the ultimate frontier of efficiency and effectiveness, and in order to deliver according to customer expectations in the best possible manner (lower costs, high quality, high speed) it needs to have a continuous improvement program that will ultimately make processes highly optimized. Let us now take a look at...
Leadership Support:  If there is one factor that can make or break a successful continuous improvement program, it is top level leadership support. In an article titled “Lean Manufacturing’s Next Life” that was published in ChiefExecutive.Net, the CEO of a sixty-year-old family owned company, WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE that has significantly...
In a previous post we discussed when it makes more sense to build an internal capability versus hiring an external consultant. As we now know, a sustainable continuous improvement program requires the right corporate infrastructure in place that can support and build the continuous improvement program. Before we get to the details of how a typical...
Here is the set of steps that needs to be put in place in order to have a truly performing CI initiative in an organization: 1. Selecting the right people to run your LSS program: This step will truly make or break your LSS journey. As we all know, truly talented people suited for Lean Six Sigma are hard to find. Our experience shows that it is...
Change in Leadership Direction: Businesses, at times need to change direction and continuous improvement initiatives in those times may take a back seat. This is commonly seen when a company is going through a crisis. A very common example is falling market share associated with decrease in revenue and net income. This gets exacerbated during...
Poor Change Management: We have looked at the importance of change management to successful continuous improvement programs in previous posts. Any successful continuous improvement initiative needs significant change management. The reason Lean was so successful at Toyota was because of the commitment of the executive leadership to implement a...
Before discussing why people should be certified, first let’s ask the question why is the Lean and Six Sigma methodology important in the first place? The methodology is important because it provides knowledge and insight into how to make your company run as smoothly as possible while also bringing in profits. Even a basic understanding of lean...


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