Data Science Training Classes

Data Science Training Options

LSSE offers comprehensive Training Courses for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence. Following are our current training class options. We are constantly updating, adding more courses to meet the demands of the changes and growth in the field of Data Science. Our following training classes can be customized for your organization - 

  1. Big Data Developer (Hadoop EcoSystem + Spark)
  2. Data Science using R
  3. Data Science using Python
  4. Data Visualization using Tableau
  5. Data Visualization using Power BI
  6. Visual Analytics using Tableau and Power BI
  7. Full Stack Data Scientist (Hadoop, R, Python, Tableau)
  8. Machine Learning Using Python
  9. NLP (Natural Language Processing)
  10. IoT(Internet of Things)
  11. Visualization workshop for senior managers/Leadership
  12. Data Science Workshop for CxO/Senior Management/Leadership


If you're interested in learning more about our course details and curriculum, please contact us.

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