Data Science, ML and AI Talent Recruiting Service

LSSE Recruiting is uniquely positioned to assist you in securing knowledgeable and professional Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence talent.

Since its inception, LSSE has been helping organizations to achieve process excellence by using data and analytics. LSSE has the unique ability to help organizations; from providing Data Analytical insights to Implementation of the improvements resulting from Data Analysis. As part of providing "End To End" support for Data Science, LSSE offers recruiting assistance to companies looking for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence talents. Since we provide Data Science Training and Consulting services, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations to find best possible talent. We do that while providing fastest turnaround time for finding talent. We have the track record of submitting highly qualified candidates within 2 weeks following the kick-off call with the Hiring Managers. And 80% of the candidates we submit gets first level interviews. 

We have a success rate of 80%:

8 out of 10 candidates we refer get first round interviews with our clients.

Why Choose LSSE Data Science Recruiting Service

We have a unique skillset within the Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence community that gives us -

  • As providers of Training and Consulting services for Data Science, we have the subject matter expertise to screen talent
  • Resources to access qualified, highly experienced candidates using our extensive database of Data Science talent. 
  • Capabilities to select and prequalify candidates that significantly reduces your company’s valuable time spent on hiring.

We offer an unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee; If the new-hire does not work out for any reason within the first 45 days, we will find a replacement at no cost.

Our Process

Our primary goal is to find the best talent fit for your job position, and saving the hiring manager's valuable time. We focus on quality vs quantity. We only submit highly qualified candidates that match your needs, that's why 80% of the candidates we submit received first round interviews. Since we are a team of Data Science practitioners, we have the unique ability to find and screen Data Science talent meeting your specific requirements. Our high level process includes -

  • Initial call/meeting with corporate client to understand the scope of the job position and the company’s specific needs
  • Prequalified screening, based on your job description at a technical, high screening level 
  • A careful thorough selection to present final candidates to you for interviewing and final placement

Data Science Recruiting Services Options

LSSE Recruiting Services can augment your hiring process providing -

  • Contingency Search
  • Contract Staffing – with “contract to hire” option
  • Retained Search
  • Data Science Staffing Strategy & Planning

Sample Job Titles We Help to Hire

Data Scientist, VP Data Science & Analytics, Head of Data Science, Director Data Science, Data Science Engineer, Data Analyst, Manager Data Science & Analytics, Sr Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineers, Artificial Intelligence Engineers


Let us help you with your Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Recruiting needs! Your Satisfaction is guaranteed! 




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