"LSSE has developed an improvement roadmap for our organization and has been instrumental in leading our culture change. With LSSE’s help, we have been seeing great sustainable cultural and operational improvements. The Lean journey we have been taking with LSSE, is taking us forward and helping us to be more competitive. LSSE’s consultant is excellent at follow-up to make sure we are sustaining the improvements we have achieved through improvement projects. I highly recommend LSSE to anyone looking for Lean Six Sigma improvements."

- Phillip G. Kretekos

Metal Impact, LLC

"I have been working with JP and his team for close to two years. We've planned and implemented two significant changes to our operation in that time, as well as spent time aligning the team here in how to better prepare for success with these concepts as we develop more products. These activities included process mapping, analysis, layout enhancement and implementation. We have also partnered with LSSE to start a greenbelt training initiative, that we expect will lead to more structured approaches to problem solving in many areas of our business. JP and his team preach basically the Toyota Model. More importantly, the way LSSE approaches the process allows for, welcomes, and encourages tweaks to the Toyota concept that any individual business may need. We've been able to streamline our operations with a significant throughput time reduction. The system forces you to, find questionable conditions earlier and get things corrected. As I suspect all of us would, we had some employees at the start of the process give the "this won't work" whisper. One of the most gratifying points in the process was when one of those folks, who had mentioned to me directly the skepticism, came back to tell me... and I am quoting. "This really works... never would have believed it, but this is working". LSSE has done a fantastic job for us. We are very happy with what we have been able to achieve. "


VP North American Operations

"LSSE helped our company immensely. We were faced with a very challenging situation, where one of our most critical customers was planning to move a product line to China. We were selling the product for around $7, and the customer wanted to buy it for $4.
LSSE came into our shop and conducted a Kaizen event on the product line. With their leadership and guidance, we were able to determine a proper pace for all the activities involved with making the product. We moved the manufacturing machines into a new configuration, creating an ideal flow for the product. We added secondary operations, including cleaning and packaging, in the manufacturing cell. With proper staffing, we were able to significantly improve the output, and our costs went down dramatically. We now sell the product for around $4, with a decent margin. More importantly for the future of our American based business, we have successfully won a pricing competition against a Chinese company! Mountainside Medical is a very satisfied client of LSSE. We have done additional events since the one mentioned, and we are always highly satisfied. We give them the highest of recommendations. "


Executive Vice President
Mountainside Medical Colorado, LLC

"JP and Lean Six Sigma Experts Corporation provided us the guidance and know how to elevate our game. And, it proved to be a huge asset when dealing with our lending institution that had been frustrated with our less than stellar financial performance. They now have increased confidence in us going forward. If you’re serious about making an improvement in your business processes, JP is a great asset."


Garb Inc.

"As a Black Belt, I have sat through years of training in Lean Six Sigma. My experience with LSSE was exceptional. Not only did the instructor know the subject matter, but I felt as if he knew our business. The enthusiasm he conveyed was a great shot in the arm for our staff. If you're going to change your culture, then look no further than LSSE."


Alliance Calibration
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Class Participant

"I want to thank you for the excellent Green Belt training you provided to our group. Your extensive knowledge and experience in Six Sigma made it easy to learn, and the course format allowed for direct application to projects within our agency. You tailored the training to meet our specific needs and you were flexible with the training schedule as our availability changed. Most of all, your willingness to provide additional support as we complete our Green Belt certification projects is a testament to your commitment to your students. I can’t thank you enough."


Systems Accountant
ONRR, Department of Interior, Federal Government

"I would like to express my gratitude to Lean Six Sigma Experts for having JP Gnanam in your team; he is very methodical, inspiring, dynamic, and truly the Subject Matter Expert in all aspects of Lean Six Sigma Principles and Processes. JP’s level of professionalism and knowledge surpassed my expectation from this course. He provided valuable tools and realistic experiences, which tremendously assisted me to correlate with law enforcement function and it's process improvement. Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt is a highly recommended course, especially when a high caliber and a dynamic instructor like JP Gnanam teaching the course. More power to you Lean Six Sigma Experts Corporation!"


Chief of Police
Police Department New Orleans, LA

"This course will change how we do business. Our customers will begin to see us as the leaders in our industry. JP is a very charismatic instructor and provides enough real life examples so that you can easily understand the tools. I would highly recommend using LSSE to anyone."


Engineering Manager
Boulder, CO

"JP is one of the most hands on experienced folks I have ever met, he makes complicated topics easy to understand and shares a depth of knowledge and experience which is quite impressive. I learned so much by attending his Lean Six Sigma Master Black belt course and absolutely recommend him for advanced training."



"I wanted to give my sincere thanks to LSSE and JP for offering and delivering such a fantastic Master Black Belt training. The topics covered during the training were very much aligned to the knowledge and skills required for a Master Black Belt to advise and facilitate sustainable continuous improvement efforts. In addition, the shared examples and case studies in both manufacturing and transactional environments along with the discussions on common pitfalls and how to overcome them was instrumental to my increased understanding of the topics. I highly recommend attending this class for those wanting to help their companies achieve the next levels in their continuous improvement journey."


Training and Development Manager
Talent Management, Center of Excellence
Baxter Healthcare Corporation

"The depth of the knowledge was highly beneficial. Opportunities to utilize their services expanded beyond the scope of the initial requisition. Services were tailored to meet our differing customer requirements matching the voice of the audience. Very detailed and priority on exceeding customer expectations."


Supply Chain Manager
Tempur-Pedic North America, LLC

"I just got back from a short travel and you are my first email, and I would like to thank you for everything that you have done for us last week. I really enjoyed the course, the slides-very informative, the way you engaged with your audience, the way you provided realistic and valuable examples and experiences, and your overall teaching methodology, but last but not the least is your passion about the course and your care and respect for the students about their ideas and points of view. I truly know that this course will serve me and my organization well. Again, my sincere appreciation for your patience and commitment to excellence. you are the MASTER of Master Black Belts."


"LSSE delivered well put together presentations which covered several statistics topics that built upon each other in a logical order. We had a class of over 20 people with experience ranges from first timers to experts and everyone was able to learn a lot and was excited to use the new statistics tools. JP is also a great presenter who explains these difficult subjects well and keeps the class involved with several exercises. I highly recommend this class from Lean Six Sigma Experts."


Continuous Improvement Leader
Accellent Inc.

"Our team received Lean Practitioner Training from LSSE. While the course content is solid, the LSSE instructor makes the difference. He has the ability to engage each student in the class to enable collaboration and learning. He was very knowledgeable and was able to work with student from different backgrounds. The course structured very well and I would highly recommend LSSE to anyone interested in improving processes."


MISO (Midwest ISO)

"The LSSE training we received was well structured, taught well, and incorporated a nice balance between practical reasoning, graphical analysis and analytics. I've attended many other statistical/Minitab training courses and this is the first one to challenge the team to listen to what the data is saying AND challenge the output with a practical, business approach (time, materials, overhead, scrap, lead-time etc.). It doesn't matter what the data says if it's impractical/impossible from a business sense. LSSE provided excellent training documentation/references the team will use for years to come. I strongly recommend LSSE to anyone wishing to improve their skill sets and advance their team. As a result of our positive experience, I have recommended LSSE to our sister facilities throughout the US and will leverage their expertise in the future."


Engineering Manager
Accellent Inc.

"LSSE training is by far the most efficient way to learn statistical techniques and how to use them properly. The structured approach teaching the fundamentals of statistical techniques and how to utilize the techniques with Minitab are presented clearly with obvious implications for practical use. I use the skills I learned in the training daily and use Minitab with the appropriate statistical technique to provide justified rationale for conclusions during root cause investigations, process capability evaluations, and to evaluate sampling plans based on consumer and producer risks. Great class!"


"I greatly enjoyed the course. It has greatly increased my knowledge and usability of lean and six sigma techniques. I will use what I have learned here for the rest of my career."


Continuous Improvement Mgr.
Mountainside Medical

"JP is very thorough in his instruction of the six sigma process. He provides useful tools that can be applied to a variety of situations. He also manages to keep everyone's attention by providing a fun atmosphere for learning. Highly recommend this class."


ONRR, Department of Interior (DOI)

"LSSE instructor, JP was inspiring and insightful. His help with understanding and implementing Lean 6 Sigma was priceless in creating our company’s model cell."


Mountainside Medical
Boulder, CO

"JP provided a clear, fresh and proactive approach for Lean & Kaizen. His practical knowledge of the tools and techniques made easier for our company (Accellent) to start the Lean Journey. It is important to mention his capability to plan the whole implementation of Lean in a multi-site company. I highly recommend JP for Lean Implementation."


Vice President, Operations
Accellent Inc.

"The class and the instructor were both top-notch. Very few multi-day training sessions could keep me engaged for the entire training, but between the interesting material and engaging instructor, the class felt like it flew by and I was always focused. I would recommend this class to anyone series about improving the efficiency of their organization."


MISO (Midwest ISO)

"JP is very knowledgeable, funny, upbeat and a positive instructor. He made the experience worthwhile. Great job JP!"


"The instructor presents the material and offered classroom activities in a way that is very applicable to participants. This course gives me the foundation I need to work on an actual project, one of the best classes I have attended. "