Powerful Presentations

Powerful Presentations: Strengthening Interactions With Leaders, Employees and Customers

Presentation Skills -In almost every situation, formal or informal, presentation training skills are the key to getting your ideas recognized, accepted and implemented. Although you may be full of facts that point audiences to an obvious conclusion, you can completely derail your intended outcome with a weak presentation or unrefined communication skills. But excellent presentation skills aren’t about a prescribed set of generic tools – and that is where this class is different. Although you might not realize it, you already have a style that works for you – you just have to uncover it. We’ll give you real-world tools to use during this presentation training course that help you build upon your unique strengths and specific style for business presentations. In this presentation training course you will learn hands-on improvement tactics to significantly improve your presentation skills. 

Best Suited For

  • Those who desire to come across more confidently in formal and informal business environments
  • Technical presenters who present to non-technical audiences
  • Students who have “learned the rules” about giving presentations but feel they don’t quite fit
  • Experienced, new or emerging leaders who wish to create powerful first impressions in presentations, board rooms, and office environments

Topics Covered

  • Perfecting engaging presentation skills
  • Presenting authentically, using what you already know
  • Establishing powerful first impressions
  • Analyzing your audience to shape content
  • Developing effective content and demonstrative visuals
  • Creating demonstrative visuals
  • Translating presentation skills to everyday business environments
  • Driving strong conclusions

Class Duration:   Two days

Presentation Training Classes Locations: Denver, Colorado; San Francisco Bay Area, California; Charlotte, North Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia; Chicago, Illinois; Newark, New Jersey 


“Another unique gift that Lainie possesses is her ability to train and teach. I've watched her conduct seminars and training sessions and have never witnessed anyone with the natural ability to keep an audience's attention as well as have active participation from the group. Part of her gift is the natural confidence she emanates while teaching and the ability to train on such a variety of levels that anyone is able to learn. She is an extremely effective and competent teacher.” 

All of our traditional courses are scheduled by level of interest. Please contact us to let us know that you are interested, and we will let you know when the next available date is scheduled.

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