Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Conversations: Conflict Resolution in an Atmosphere of Change

The inability to navigate a sensitive workplace conversation can easily unhinge a burgeoning career. You can’t prevent a tough situation from happening, and you can’t change how others act during it. But how do you handle it? Managing conflict according to a prescribed set of “rules” you’ve been given before may feel false. This course takes a look at what you’re already good at – we’ll teach you how to discover and leverage your personal style to handle conflict with candor and grace.

Best Suited For

  • Employees who need solid, real-life skills to navigate a difficult, stressful, or fast-paced business environment
  • Seasoned, new or emerging leaders who wish to improve their leadership skills by learning how to effectively handle workplace conflict
  • Leaders who desire to develop and maintain an honest, non-fearful, and open-to-change environment on their teams
  • Those whose dealings with difficult bosses, colleagues or direct reports are negatively affecting their career progression, work environment, and motivation

Topics Covered

  • Staying focused on the goal
  • Creating safe environments for conflict
  • Balancing grace and truth
  • Dealing with blame
  • Speaking with courage
  • Understanding motivation in conflict
  • Writing conflict
  • Using vision, mission and values in conflict management
  • Managing conflict for organizational change
  • Analyzing office dynamics
  • Planning for future conflict

Class Duration: Two days


“I thought Lainie did a very good job. Lainie thoroughly broke down the topics involved and was able to present a good example of each type of difficult conversation.”

“Lainie's big picture approach serves her extremely well. She understands the vitally important value that the PEOPLE bring to any organization. Lainie masters the relationship between difficult business decisions and doing the right thing with compassion and understanding.”


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