Creating Dynamic Teams To Achieve Cultural Transformation

This course is not about how to develop a team; it’s about how to develop YOUR team.  It delves deeply into the specific reasons your team may fall short of being a dynamic, well-functioning group and puts that into the context of your company’s specific goals, needs and vision. On day one, students of this course will use the time-tested Myers Briggs assessment to learn their own individual barriers to success as well as the unique capabilities they possess that make them valuable to the specific dynamics of their own team. On day two of the course, the overall team dynamics will be explored and directly applicable action plans developed to foster increased productivity and success among its members.  One-on-one coaching and/or a teambuilding activity can be added to enhance this training. Note: This course is specifically designed for attendance by an existing team or group rather than for individual participation.

Best Suited For

A specific team or group within an organization whose members desire to take the next step in being a successful, well-functioning, high-performing, dynamic team.

Topics Covered

  • The dynamics of a team
  • Carl Jung and MBTI
  • Using Living Type Tables in team roles
  • Creating a personal operating manual
  • Using appreciative inquiry in developing team goals
  • Team analysis and the constructive use of differences
  • Practicing authentic leadership
  • Developing team action plans

Class Duration: Two to three days


“Lainie provided our Management Group a training on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for management styles and our team interaction. I have to say I was surprised in some areas and the whole process was illuminating in helping me better ‘mesh’ with my counterparts. It also aided me in identifying areas for improvement. Lainie made the course fun and worth attending. I would highly recommend this activity to any organization as a means of continuous improvement.” ~From a LinkedIn recommendation

“Lainie did a great job. I have taken the Myers Briggs test before but never fully understood my results. She did an excellent job of expanding on everything as well as showing us how our differences can ultimately turn into strengths. I definitely enjoyed taking this course.”

“I knew a lot about the Myers Briggs and my own type prior to this course, but I had never tried to use it as a tool to improve relationships with my co-workers. It has helped me look at everyone differently – in a better light – and I think it will improve my work communications and relationships.”


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