Authentic Leadership To Sustain a Winning Culture

A Gallup poll revealed that only 1 out of 10 people is a natural leader. This is a course for the other 90%. You may not feel like a “natural leader,” but you have been given a leadership role for a reason, and that is because of the natural abilities you possess as a person, as an employee. This course isn’t the typical list of generic “supervisory skills.” It is instead a guide to uncovering the innate and unique strengths you possess that can be applied to your leadership role to make you a success. Whether you’re new at the role or are an experienced leader who wants to become more effective, this course will uncover the unique capabilities you can use to win the commitment, support and loyalty of your team, which leads to a related increase in productivity and employee retention.

Best Suited For

  • New or emerging leaders who wish to authentically and courageously lead a team
  • Experienced leaders who want to better attract, retain and motivate their direct reports

Topics Covered

  • Practicing authentic leadership and managerial courage
  • Using company and individual vision, mission and values
  • Introducing appreciative inquiry as a method for change
  • Creating a culture of recognition
  • Good boss/bad boss
  • Basics of Team Dynamics
  • The good and bad of performance reviews

Class Duration: Two days


“After taking this class I feel that it will benefit me in the future to assist our employees within the company.”

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